Hybrid Media Display

Information visualisation in the public domain is challenging. This research project investigates the question on how real-time data should be visualised in our future cities. To investigate this matter we have build an ambient display connected to the public transport system and representing the waiting time in three conditions: (1) text based information (2) ambient LED low-res representation in the form of a sand-clock where waiting time drops down from top to bottom and (3) a combination of both, projected and ambient content we refer to as „hybrid“.


Project Lead: Alexander Wiethoff, Sebastian Hass, Marius Hoggenmüller

Visual Design & User Study: Markus Tessmann

Architectural Design: Korbinian Steiger
External Partners
Key Publications
Alexander Wiethoff, Marius Hoggenmueller. Experiences Deploying Hybrid Media Architecture in Public Environments. In Media architecture: using information and media as construction material, A. Wiethoff and H. Hussmann, Eds., de Gruyter Mouton, 2017