Creative AI for HRI Design Explorations

We explore the potential of using generative text-to-image models to overcome design fixation and enhance creative processes in HRI design such as ideating and visualising robotic artifacts and robot sociotechnical imaginaries.

Designing Interactions with Autonomous Vehicles

In an interdisciplinary collaboration between engineering and design we are researching how autonomous vehicles can communicate to pedestrians in shared spaces, and methods of prototyping and evaluating interactions with AVs in VR.


Woodie is a free-moving, chalk-drawing urban robot using the public space as a large canvas. The project explores novel forms of pervasive urban displays and interrogates the role of urban robots in social spaces.

Prototyping AV-Pedestrian Interfaces

The advent of cyber-physical systems, such as robots and autonomous vehicles, brings new challenges to the domain of human-centred development. We developed a tangible multi-display toolkit approach to support collaborative design explorations for AV-pedestrian interfaces.


Participation+ was a media architecture installation exhibited at the Vivid Sydney festival. Participation+ uses modular display cells to support adaptable public media environments that can be easily changed in response to on-site conditions.


Sketching-in-Light is a toolkit to assist with designing and evaluating the characteristics of low resolution lighting displays as well as content variations using different materials without requiring any previous expertise in hardware prototyping.

Hybrid Media Display

This research project investigated how real-time data can be visualised in smart cities using a media architecture approach. To investigate this matter, we developed an ambient display connected to open public transport data and tested various visualisations.


LightBricks is intended to build miniature models of low-resolution media facades and pretest visual content. It helps design teams to explore media architecture, interactivity and lighting design rapidly and at low cost.